Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Taiah Is 7yrs Old!!!

Happy Birthday To My Taiah!

Taiah wanted a slumber party last year for her birthday and things didn't go as planned and she was very disappointed. So when she mentioned she would like to try to have a slumber party this year, I made sure that it was going to happen. I think she and all the girls had a blast. Taiah never asks for a whole lot she is not hard to please and is very laid back. I love my Taiah so much and can't believe that it has been 7yrs since she first came into my life and change me forever! She is Truly A Blessing From God.

All her friends: Megan, Ashley, Lydia :), Bailey, Gabby, and MayleeOh, she also wanted a tie-dye party, so that cake is supposed to be tie-dyed:)

Ready to eat cake and ice cream!!The inside of her tie-dyed cake. I was surprised on how this cake turned out. I had seen cupcakes done like this on-line, so didn't know exactly how it would turn out. I thought it looked pretty neat.The shirts all wrapped up for the whole night. ( That was a long time to wait for the girls to see how their shirts looked)

We danced and talked all night. We also played many games, including balloon pop charades/trivia, pillow pass, freeze dance, blind folded animal find, ring-a-round the roses once for Lydia because she was going to have a cow if we didn't:) oh last but not least the dreaming game. I think I enjoyed myself just as much as the girls did. Those girls were so wound up I didn't think they were ever going to go to sleep. Taiah also lost a tooth that night when she was eating her pizza. so the tooth fairy had to search through all those pillow to find that tooth without any of those girls waking up:) fun, fun.

The next morning they got to unwrap their shirts.


*TARA* said...

You did such a great job on Everything! The cake turned out great. The tooth fairy situation is too funny ;)

ellaandmommy said...

You amaze me. You are such a great mom. Happy Birthday to sweet Taiah. She is one of the best behaved girls I know. :)

thecampbellcru said...

I thought the icing and the actually cake looked really good. i just remember my good ole misty being obsessed with a toaster oven back in the day- ha. we have all made huge leaps in the learning department (especially me). love ya- Cindy.

Bryan Matheny said...

Ummm I don't recall getting an invite to the slumber party... I'm really upset.

Candice said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. And by the way I think both cakes look yummy you made recently.. That cake you made for Josh's birthday is making my mouth water. My birthdays just around the corner incase you get a itch to make another cake like that,haha.

Wesley Hillis said...

Aww, You are a wonderful mother. Every time I look at your blog you do something else that makes me wonder how you do it all! Taiah is very lucky!!