Thursday, October 30, 2008

Every Thursday at the Library they have story time for kids and then they usually do a craft. Lydia loves going and being around the other kids. This past Thursday they had a Halloween party, Lydia had so much fun. She went as a little ballerina, she loves to dance around. Maybe she gets it from her sister.
Pumpkin Carving Time! Always a fun time, although the girls don't like cleaning the gook out.
-- When I was little I loved that part.-- All Done.......

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

??? GREEN BEANS ????

Baby Matthew (my nephew) came to my house to Babysit me He-He! Then I got to feed him his very first veggie
GREEN BEANS. It was o-kay the first few bites then he thought that was enough of me poking that nasty stuff in his mouth. We got through it though. He is such a good baby, wish my girls was like that when they were little. Matthew loves my girls! My girls love him!

Friday, October 24, 2008

West Elementary Fall Festival

We had so much fun. I'm glad we got to go this year, we missed it last year. The kids really enjoyed it. This is Taiah's reading teacher Mrs. Dyer
These kids were wild by the time we left, I'm glad they had a good time.


We had so much fun!!! We went to Orange Beach in Alabama. About 4yrs ago we went to Orange Beach with Taiah (2yrs old). It was so much fun to watch her then and even more fun now. Seeing Lydia run and play on the beach reminded me so much of Taiah when she was little except in a whole different personality (maybe it was just the looks). Anyway it was good to get away and just relax. The weather was gorgeous, a little cool at night and in the mornings. You had to wait until about 11am before you could go swimming. It was not at all crowded, Although it seemed everyone we talked to was from good ole TENNESSEE. There were quiet a few families there with kids on fall break.
I think Lydia's favorite thing was between the water fountains in the pool, to finding different things on the beach (shells, crabs, jellyfish), to playing in the sand. Taiah's favorite thing was, well anything to do with water and swimming. Josh enjoyed playing with the girls. He doesn't get to spent a whole lot of time with them because he works so much, so I think his favorite thing was just spending 6 days with all his girls. My favorite thing was the sound, the smell and the breezes of the gulf. I also think we all had fun playing put-put golf and of course the arcade. All and all I thank God for this beautiful world we live in and the wonderful trip we were blessed with.
Love this pic...........Wish my feet were in the sand right now!!!
Our Sandcastle??? Maybe we can call it that. It took us a while and was still there a couple of days after we made it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Camping at the River

Almost all the clan.
Enjoying the view:)

Me and my outdoor girls by papa's fire pit.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Football Star!

Nathan, I'm so proud of you!