Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Pictures

My poor girls, oh how I torcher them with my camera. Its Christmas time and I always try to get pictures of them this time of year. Lydia is always the hardest to get a picture off and Taiah was sick and running a temp(yet she still was so beautiful) I'm happy with the way some of them turned out. Merry Christmas!!

Thank You Aunt Candice!

Thank you Candice the girls love their shirts you made for them. They have had many compliments on them.


Taiah with a few friends and her homeroom teacher Mrs. Marcum

Taiah's whole home room class. (some 2nd graders and some 1st graders)

Taiah and her friend Lluvia.

Lydia getting to enjoy some of the fun:)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Parade!!

My two little reindeer. They were so cute when we went to see the parade I had to post these pictures. I enjoyed taking my girls to the Christmas Parade there were lots of interesting floats. It was very, very cold!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

White Squirrel???

Have you ever seen a white squirrel?? A few years ago we had a white squirrel that lived in our back yard along with lots of other squirrels, it seems like 50 of them. Which I'm not complaining I love my big yard and watching all the animals (we use to have a bunch of wild rabbits that lived in our yard but they all disappeared after some neighbors moved in with 2 big dogs). Anyway, that squirrel got ran over :( but just recently Lydia spotted another white squirrel and we've seen him several times around the house sometimes it will let us get pretty close:) he or she is beautiful. I don't know if white squirrels are common but I thought that this was really neat.

Josh and his Dad got this box at work and thought of our girls (they love playing in big boxes) but with a little imagination this castle the girls help us mak is the 2nd big cardboard clubhouse we've had on our back porch. This particular one is not finished yet we still have more to do to it! I'll post more picture's when we finish it (its been way to cold). I don't know why we ever spend so much money on so many toys when our kids have such fun with the simple things. The girls were so cute that day playing in that thing!!!