Tuesday, February 24, 2009

!!! Fashion Shows !!!

My sisters shop Mommy & Me shined through another fashion show at the Women's Show in the Three Star Mall. The girls have so much fun getting dressed up. Although for Meleah and all the moms that help, its pretty tiresome. I do like doing the fashion shows with my girls they love it and its a way that they can get all dressed up and get used to being around crowds without being judged. Here are a few pictures I got, I didn't want to post some of the other kids without parents consent.

My Beautiful Princess Taiah! Little miss Claira ready to strut her stuff!Bridal Wear
This dress looked so cute on Lydia it just might have to be her Easter dress!
My nephew Matthew! (he might as well get use to being in fashion shows)
I thought Maylee looked so elegant in this dress, I just love it!

Of course my girls modeling some cute sister outfits:) I have always loved putting my girls in sister outfits but they are getting so big I won't be able to do it to much longer. I guess I'll have to settle with just matching them.

The only thing we didn't get to show was our maternity wear. Mommy & Me has some really cute outfits for pregnant women. Meleah is in the process of getting her spring and summer wear out. She will be having some good sales going on.

If you are interested in your child being in fashion shows please let me or Meleah know and we'll contact you for the next one. We need boys, girls and pregnant ladies!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Almost 7yrs Of Being A Horse!!!

Tonight the girls and I played horse, while my wonderful husband cleaned up the kitchen from dinner:) (afterward joining in the fun). The kids have always loved to pretend that I'm their horse. Although a few Aches & Pains (knees, back and mostly wrist) even the girls have survived a few tumbles off of the horses back when we've gotten a little to carried away:) the fun we've had has always been worth it.

This is My Taiah at age 1 riding her horse.
Many, many, many rodeo's later my girls riding their horse.

The weather lately has been therapeutic and we can't wait for spring.
Yesterday, the girls couldn't wait to get out their little pool so I decided to let them. Not quiet what they wanted but they still had fun!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Jaco's!

I took some pictures of my sweet family a while back. Meleah said it had been so long since they had a family picture. I just loved this one and thought I would share this picture of her beautiful family!!