Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Over The Weekend!

Well, I'm going to start with Thursday. Lydia and I went to the Library (by the way if you and your child are available on Thursday mornings at 10:30am you should come to story time, Lydia loves it) they read a book that was similar to Peter Cotton Tail and then they painted a wooden egg that looked real after it was painted. Lydia really enjoyed herself. Then we were off to Taiah's Easter Party at school, of course all the kids had a blast. Although with the fun filled day that we had celebrating Easter not once did I hear anything about our Risen Lord Jesus Christ. Is he not the reason for the season! Ya know I bet I would be floored by the number of kids (and adults) that don't truly understand what Easter is all about. You better believe my kids know exactly what Easter is.

Thank God, Jesus came to live a perfect life and then take all of our punishment, all of our sorrows on himself. Thank God he died on the cross in my place and Praise God, he didn't stay in the tomb, For He Is Alive!

I think Lydia was on a sugar rush all day Thursday. Here she is enjoying some of the goodies she got from Taiah school party.
Also over the weekend
O-Kay I'm the worlds worst when it comes to remembering Birthday's, so I started programing all the ones I could remember in my phone. Well I don't know what happened but it didn't work and I let yet another birthday slip by my memory this past Saturday.
So here is to my wonderful Sister-In-Law Candice.
Happy Belated Birthday !!!
From birth to age eighteen, a girl needs good parents. From eighteen to thirty-five, she needs good looks. From thirty-five to fifty-five, she needs a good personality. From fifty-five on, she needs good cash. - Sophie Tucker

Easter Morning!!

Well we didn't get to go to the Sunrise service at Church, I really wanted to but I thought that 34degrees was to cold to sit outside with my girls. But the regular service was wonderful. After church we went out to my Aunts house and had dinner and a big egg hunt for the kids.

Lydia caught a butterfly :)

All dressed up!

Me-Maw and Grand kids
Baby Matthew's first egg hunt!

Taiah got Most Eggs!
Katie found the gold egg $$
Taiah's Egg Art!
Lydia's Egg Art!

All in all we had a wonderful, wonderful Easter!


Candice said...

Thanks Misty. I'm sure glad you didn't have any crazy pictures,lol.

The girls look beautiful.

I left a littel easter suprise for you and the family at Herschel's shop yesterday, I hope it makes it home to you. :)

*TARA* said...

It Looks like your Easter was wonderful. The kids looked so pretty all dressed up.

I think the Easter bunny concept is cute but I wish that for some, it wasn't what it is all about. I know that the crosses my dad had put up at his property isn't something many see everyday in a person's yard but you would be surprised at how many people have stopped and asked my parents "what in the world" s that about, "what does that mean", and "did something die and you bury it over on your island?"...what really got me was 2 of the several that have asked said that they are active members in church and don't see what that has to do with anything...I was in shock. what church doesn't know the story of Jesus and what those crosses symbolize? I was so blessed to have parents that raised me to know the Lord and Savior and it breaks my heart to know that there are children being raised on JUST the Easter bunny and Santa. Sorry for the 'spill'.

I hope you and yours are enjoying the week! Take care xoxo

tiffany s said...

Beautiful pictures!
You are such a wonderful mommy & wife!
I love the girls' dresses! (I am hoping my next child will be a girl... but hey that will be like in few years - not now... ha).
Hope all of your family are doing well! :)