Monday, April 27, 2009

My Wonderful Husband

I have to take a minute and brag on my wonderful husband. A week ago Friday, before I left for work Josh told me that he would like for us to go on a date that night. Like always I thought that would be nice:) I really didn't get off until 6:00, so that morning I took nice cloths to the gym so I could get ready there for all day. So throughout the day I had tried to call him at the cabinet shop and his dad said that he wasn't there and then his dad said something about my dad calling and that's not a normal thing but I just thought that I miss understood him somehow, anyway I couldn't get a hold of him. My Dad had left to go pick a car up in Cookville and then had called and said he was going to stop by his house before coming back to work. (by the way I help my Dad and Brother on Thurs. and Fri.'s at The Truck Lot) Later that day Dad had come back to work and I noticed grass on his back, I thought he had just done some weed eating. Anyway, to make a long story longer, about 5:00 Dad told me to go ahead and take off work. I got home and Josh was all dressed up and told me get dressed up also (although I had already dressed up for the evening that morning) but he told me to wear a dress. As I got ready I could hear him taking something outside. We got in the truck and he made me wear a blind fold (he did the same thing when he asked me to marry him except I could tell where we were driving too, well that is another story) this time we were driving for quiet a while and I had no clue where we were going then it started to feel like we were going 4-wheeling the truck was bouncing up and down and I could do nothing but laugh. We came to a stop and he said to wait here and made me promise not to peak and I didn't. I waited for awhile, he came and got me out of the truck. I noticed the ground was really soft because my heals were sinking in the ground. We walked a little way and then he said I could look I then realized we were down on the river were my Dad has a large private family campsite. Josh had built a fire, had a blanket down, had our wedding flutes and plates set, candles and tikki torches all around. The river was up and it was a perfect setting. With grapes, cheese and crackers laid out he laughed and said we only have hot dogs and chips to eat and then poured Dr. Thunder in the flutes. After we roasted our hot dogs we had my favorite....smores.... they were sooo good. All in all Josh really surprised me and we really enjoyed it, we laughed and cut up all night. Our dates usually consist of going out to eat and maybe shopping around and then going home and occasionally renting a movie. This was something totally different and Josh did put a lot of work into it. Earlier in my long story Josh had called my dad to see if it was dry enough down at the river and then my dad had tried to call him at the shop which was what my Father-in-law was talking about. My Dad had met Josh on the river to help him clear off and clean up the site a little. That's why my Dad had grass all over him. Looking back I see all the clues but had no idea what was going on. This whole date might not sound like much but it did mean a lot to me and I truly enjoyed it. Its good to know that we can have so much fun doing the simple things.
just a couple of pics.


*TARA* said...

That is So sweet! you got yourself a good one! travis took me on a "picnic" but it rained so he set up the picnic in the back of my rav4. He had candles lit in the side cup holders and he had ordered take out but they didn't give him any forks so we had to eat our dinner (including messy baked potatoes) with our hands. lol. Best date I have ever been on :o)

Bryan Matheny said...

Excuse me while I get sick!!! Ol Josh has become a softy in his ripe old age... I just hope lindsey doesn't read this she'll keep telling me how sweet it was and all that and I'll be forced to top him... lol

The Crouch Crew said...

Hey girl, I got all teary eyed when reading this - How Great!! Love ya both!!!!