Monday, May 11, 2009

Fun Run!

Dibrell School Fundraiser
My Dad signed us up for the 5th Annual Wildcat 5k and 1mile fun run. We were all excited about it at first until the day grew closer then we all three became worried about it, wondering if we could make it to the finish line. Then that morning it was raining and pouring, we still went and the rain let up a little right before we started running. My Grandma, Aunt Judy, Gidget, Megan and Josh also were there and why I didn't get a picture of them is beyond me (I'm usually camera crazy) But I am proud of us all!
My soooooo.. cool Brother putting on his #......Before We Were Breathless.......

Yay! We Did It !!!
3.1 Miles
Michael's time 28.17, Daddy and I made it in 30.10
The rain messed our numbers up but kept us cool, couldn't imagine doing it in the blazing sun:)
We really had a good time. It was very satisfying when we got done, I was very proud of my Dad there is not to many his age that could run 3 miles! We can't wait for another one.


*TARA* said...

Oh, how fun! I doubt I would make it but still, it looks like a lot of fun on the side line :)

The Crouch Crew said...

WAY TO GO FAMILY!!! Very Proud!!!

Jess said...

misty thats awesome..congrats..:)